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I'm not super into caffeine, but I do enjoy the occasional Coke or Sprite when I can afford it. I'm not a fan of Mt. Dew, but I've drank it when I needed a kick in the butt and nothing else was available. I'll admit that I drink a Monster kinda rarely (I know, I know) to get me up and moving, but for some reason, nothing I tried last week helped. Eventually I got the same friggin headache, the caffeine might have just pushed it off a little bit. I'm obviously no expert on the subject.

Again, I'm not talking about a migraine (which I had when I was younger and would give just about anything to never have again), but just enough to be distracting. I'm going to try some DD coffee tomorrow on the way in and see if that helps, and then maybe a booster around 0400? We'll see...
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