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Originally Posted by Hrsuhd View Post
Did you miss the part about the flyer/phamplet concerning posssible death .
You mean the same pamphlet that you get with probably every drug on the market? You going to stop taking ibuprofen because of the risk of GI bleed? Or tylenol because of the rusk of fulminant hepatitis. Want me to list the official side effects of tylenol that are considered serious? Because they would scare you. Want to guess how many people develop those reactions from it? If you are wondering why people are calling you stupid on this forum (note that I never called you stupid directly), it's because you cling to your belief like your life depends on it, and refuse to be educated even though you are absolutely wrong. Not to mention that you were unable to backup anything you have said. The problem is, you are putting not only your kids at risk, but everybody who is willing to believe you.

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