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Originally Posted by Hrsuhd View Post
Its cute that that you did not read my post and replied any way I was asking about a shot containing a single vaccine vrs a mutiple vaccine shot .
I dont recall nor is it in my post anywhere that I think they make up the shots in the office.
Why do you say the doctors are vested in my kids. They are not, they are vested in thier wallets and the wallets of pharmaceutical companies(again not all but a percentage).
You may want to reread or read my post i never read the artical and dont care to.
Are you a doctor, is that why your offended?
Probably decades of research? Now thats a great fact to latch onto.
And name calling really? How sophmoric.
Where exactly did I call you a name. And I am not offended in the least, but I am bothered by the kind of weapons-grade stupidity that flows from your posts. In any case, you clearly missed the entire point of my post. Why don't you go back and read it again.

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