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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
...As to TG being all that & a bag of chips, it just isn't really. A 147gr bullet @ 800fps is just that. Diff powders do have diff recoil impulses, but unless you are at the master class, you aren't really benefitting or even feeling it. Like buying the most expensive gun isn't going to make you a master classs shooter. Again, JMO. ...
I am a Master in GSSF - though I really shoot like an Amateur... But I'm most definitely benefiting from those powder-puff loads (for me, more like ~890fps with a 147). I estimate that the less felt recoil allowing faster follow-up shots has conservatively knocked 10% off my stock gun times. And I shoot the same loads in Steel and IDPA.

But with a great deal of consistency, my fastest times at any given multi-division GSSF match are with my (rather costly) Unlimited Glock - though I have to run that at 1050fps with a 124.

So Fred......
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