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Originally Posted by douggmc View Post
Nonsense .. you are lying or tax illiterate. You didn't save 2500, you REDUCED YOUR TAXABLE INCOME by 2500. Big difference. My guess is you can't even quantify the actual amount in "tax savings".
I dunno. 2012 max HSA contribution is $6250. $2500 might be a little high but its close. Call it $2000. IIRC, fed takes about .30 of every dollar from us in income tax.

That's a tax increase.

There is no tax increase. You will (and this isn't even carved in stone yet) lose further opportunity to decrease your taxable income by 2500 by shuffling that amount into the HSA. Two totally different things.
You even lie to yourself! That's a tax increase.

Right now that's $2000 that the government doesn't get from me. Now, they'll get it.

And by eliminating my high deductible plan, you increase my premiums and force me to pay for healthcare I don't need. You can call it whatever you want but that's a defacto tax increase.

You CAN keep your health care plan. You probably will not be able to keep your HSA (in the manner you do today). Two different things.
Bull****. HSA works in tandem with high deductible plans. Gone.

You lie
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