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Originally Posted by douggmc View Post
What a bunch of baloney. The higher costs of Medicare are almost entirely due to demographics. Combine that with the perverse system of denial of coverage in the private market due to pre-existing conditions and folks like the aforemenioned "22 year old" choosing to gamble .... leading to hospitals passing on unpaid medical debt the us.

There are many studies that account for Medicare as a wonderful success ... especially if you don't ONLY count dollars.
Weren't you lecturing someone on macroeconomics upthread? And now this willful ignorance?

What you have in the current healthcare system is a textbook case of government money inflating the market, thanks to Medicare. When you subsidize the healthcare of the largest consumers, prices rise.

Medicare, government money, is what caused this situation. More government money will make it worse.

Ultimately you can't give everyone all the healthcare they want. We simply can't "make" enough. It has to be rationed like any other resource.

The choice then becomes, who or what will do the rationing. Under the socialist plan, political appointees will do the rationing.
“If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is WITH representation.”

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