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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Don't you think you could let me keep this $2500 or so in tax savings?
Nonsense .. you are lying or tax illiterate. You didn't save 2500, you REDUCED YOUR TAXABLE INCOME by 2500. Big difference. My guess is you can't even quantify the actual amount in "tax savings".

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Actually, it was several thousand dollars. More stealth tax increases.

But again, what does it matter? You said I could keep my plan, now you tell me "too frickin bad".

Which is it?
There is no tax increase. You will (and this isn't even carved in stone yet) lose further opportunity to decrease your taxable income by 2500 by shuffling that amount into the HSA. Two totally different things.

You CAN keep your health care plan. You probably will not be able to keep your HSA (in the manner you do today). Two different things.
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