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i emailed the range hosting the glock day event and they dont have any demo m&p's but the guy at the shop has a personal one hes going to bring and let me try out.
i hope glock brings the 19 and 23 to glock day but since they need atermarket barrels to be legal here i doubt they will.

there is a company that is importing the FDE glock 23's with LW 106mm canadain barrels for $875...thats a big jump from a $700 gen 4 - 22..i even found 2 shops selling the rtf2- 22 for $600 new. ide rather stick with gen 4 though if i get a 22 dont mind the extra $100.

thanks for all your opinions guys, glock day is on the 28th, we will see how it still waiting on my RSA for my 17 gen 4.
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