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I dug my old Pro 1000 out and dusted it off last week.
I strongly recommend you replace the loaded round ejector with a longer peice of rod, I used a length of coathanger, and bend a curve in it to kick the loaded rounds out sooner. This helps keep the exit chute of the press clear.
I also put a rubber band around the primer tray to keep the cover from rattling loose. The newer ones may not have this problem.
If I want to load 100 rounds I put 125 primers in the tray. This keeps the gravity feed working.
The timing is pretty critical on these presses. I like mine to index into the next position about an inch before the shell plate carrier bottoms out.
Learning to get the feel of the press I broke the stroke into 5 stages.
1) I want to feel the cases start to engage the dies.
2) I want to feel the cases bottom in the dies.
3) I want to feel the cases come out of the dies.
4) I want to feel the shell plate index to the next position.
5) I want to feel the primer seat in the case.
As you come up with the handle, watch for the primers to slide down the chute as the cases index to the next position. This will soon become second nature and will help avoid problems.
Don't try to go too fast too soon. With these presses you have to slow down to speed up. I'm not the fastest, but I can load 125 to 150 rounds in about 20 minutes.
Always look into EVERY case and check the powder charge. I bought a two dollar clamp on reading light and clamped it onto my loaded round container where it can shine into the cases.
If you do have any problems with any rounds set them aside and deal with them later, don't let them frustrate you and break your concentration.
They are good presses for the money and I don't feel the need to upgrade. Parts for these are cheap. Get turrets and shell plate carriers for each caliber you load so you don't have to set up your dies every time.
Have a little patience and i'm sure you will like it.

Good Loading.

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