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Originally Posted by cdog533 View Post
I am a pragmatic dude, BUT I have had two distinctive supernatural experiences:

In high school, I saw a girl get what I would term to be 'possessed'. She flailed wildly and had the strength of ten men. She was trying to bite everyone with a demonic look in her eyes and could not be held down by 8 guys. Finally, an ad hoc exorcism (done by me) seemed to calm her down. At least 10 people witnessed this and we were all freaked out. Craziest thing I have ever seen.

(As relayed by my mother) When I was two, we were traveling in the mountains of Arizona/New Mexico and went through an Indian Village and eating at a restaurant where a native american woman came up to me, put her hands around my eyes, and whispered something, and left. Two days later, I couldn't see. My tested vision was 20/200 and 20/400. However, over the years my vision got better very slowly. When I was 22 it had returned to 20/20. Was this an Indian curse?

That's it.
Freakyyyy dude! Especially the first one.

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