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My G 36 was my EDC for almost 4 years. I put over 4k rds of blazer, Wolf, you name it through it. That little gun never missed a lick.

I often walk out of the house and draw and fire if I have not changed mags / reloaded in a while. The gun FTE. After that, I had the strangest malfunctions, FTE, FTF, probably 1 in every 15 rounds.

What a dilemma, I could not carry it as it was totally unreliable and could not sell it for the same reason.

I rebuilt the slide, bought new mags and fired 500 rds through it, all clean as a whistle.

Then, after that much of a concentration in shooting it, I sold it. (After making sure it was 100% again)

There was definitely an issue and rebuilding the slide fixed it. I believe it had something to do with the extractor.

I miss the little guy, I think I might buy it back.
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