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One of the students I took a study abroad to Japan with. His Grandparents spent the war in a internment camp

When they got to the camp they were not allowed to speak Japanese. His wife was sobbing not knowing where they were and just wanting to go back home. So as he tried to calm her down a bunch of soldiers dragged him out of the line and beat him in front of his wife and newborn and everyone else there and that was the last day for the rest of his life his grandfather ever spoke Japanese again

That is also the only story that his grandfather told him of their internment.

People assume that the camps wasn't that bad because it wasn't a death camp but I think it's because we as Americans want to hold ourselves to the moral high ground that everything we did as a nation was right and sometimes that makes us blind to our mistakes
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He's actually wrong, after 8-9 shots with a 9mm bullet, you actually get a text on your phone saying "You are being shot at by a 9mm, don't worry, just ignore him and walk away."
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