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Originally Posted by Goldendog Redux View Post
Crossfit is absolutely the way (along with diet) to get you where you want/need to be. Even the lame Crossfit gyms (there are some) will be beneficial. Nothing Crossfit is doing is rocket science but fitness is handed to you on a silver platter if you put in the work.

You can diet and lose all the weight you want but without strength you are just a skinny weak person.

Also you will realize that a goal weight is stupid since with quality training, you will probably not lose as much as you expect.

I am 44, 5'10, 190# I Crossfit and I would gladly take on anyone in my department in a test of overall fitness.

Nothing in my area that I'm aware of. Is it possible to do Crossfit on your own like P90x or do you have to go to a Crossfit gym?
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