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My Ma' lives about 10 feet from the stone fence of an old New Mexican Mission style Church surrounded by a graveyard. Why a Navajo woman would decide to buy a home next to a grave yard was beyond me when she and my step dad bought in 1988. But they did. Anyways, I remember "exploring" there during the day when house sitting there on college breaks, they traveled a lot back then, and the oldest readable tombstone I found was from the 1790s. There are a few others that time has made unreadable. I also found a map in the Anthropology Dept. at UNM (I was an Anthropology major and still consider myself so) which pointed out that the frontage road off of I-25 was the same path that Coranado, I think De Varges and some other conquistador took back in the day.
I never actually saw anything unexplainable, but man, sometimes you hear things that question your sanity. And sometimes I would wake up from a dead sleep wide awake to totally hyper sensitive silence. No bad dreams or nothin' just wide awake out of deep sleep.
Not all experiences were bad. I spent one X-mas there alone and was not depressed, sad or on the pity pot in general. I actually felt like I was in good company. Weird.
"Come out and fight!................It is a good day to die."
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