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Originally Posted by MLittle View Post
Yep....I've just about decided to sell all but the Sig P226. It was the first pistol I ever bought and I have other Sigs to keep it company. One big happy family! Then, I'll have room for my new 1911 coming in the Spring from Ed Brown.
Sounds to me like you've found your way to a good solution.

The guns I have today are ones that will hold value or appreciate over time (better than money in the bank), the ones I carry most comfortably and/or just like to shoot, and a few that have sentimental value.

I've sold a few out of necessity (college tuition) and some because I had the hots for something different. I've regretted selling some, but not so much the others.

Generally speaking, I know in my gut which guns I really wouldn't want to part with. If your gut says sell all the 9s except for the Sig, your first pistol, that's the way to go. You know what they say...the first one will always be special.
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