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For a number of years I carried a Glock 26. I also have a G19, but usually carried the 26 with an extra G19 magazine on the belt. Then last year, I got a good deal on a Colt Commander in .45. It is now my EDC CCW weapon. FOr awhile after I had carried the 1911 for awhile, I sent it to Robar to get it NP3 plated, so I went back to carrying my Glocks. Talk about a shocker! They felt foreign in my hands and I tended to point high with them. After I got my Colt back, I decided there would be no "rotation" for carry guns. I carry the Commander every day in the same place in the same holster. At night, it goes into the holster I screwed to the bed frame.
I also have a Kel-Tec .380 that rides in my pajama pocket at night, and sometimes in my pants pocket during the day as a BUG, but usually just the Colt.
I decided that sticking with one gun in one caliber would enhance muscle memory, and there would be no confusion about "which one is in the rotation today". I know that the other guns in my cabinet feel neglected, but I do get them out and take them to the range occasionaly if they've been good and I feel they deserve it. But I always make sure the last gun I shoot at the range is my .45.
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