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Alright, I'll do mine.

I was 17 y/o or so and sitting in my (mom and dad's) living room at just after 2:00 a.m. reading a book. Just over the top of the book I see a poorly defined figure walk out of the family room (from direction of parents' bedroom), into the kitchen and into the utility room where it disappeared. I could make out almost no detail other than a greyish color and a basically human shape. It being late, I was tired and my eyes had been reading for hours I was able to eventually calm and convince myself that it was my imagination....either way I went to bed somewhat shaken. So, no big deal....

I wake the next morning to find my mother and father on the couch with my mom visibly shaken and upset. She recounted that a little after 2:00 a.m. she awoke to find her (deceased) mother (my grandmother) in her room. She watched her mother stand there for a moment, and then pass out of the bedroom and continue on the same course that I saw my figure travel.

Other family members have also reported sightings of her in their own homes; usually in close time proximity. Of all the dead in my large family, she is the only one who was ever "seen" by anyone.
I experienced a similar thing. I woke up at 2am with the realization that my grandmother had died. I did not see her but I knew that she had passed. When I walked into the kitchen the next morning, my parents were at the table grieving. I aske them what time she died, it was exactly when I woke up and 'knew'.
I've been an RN for almost 20 yrs, and worked some home health and hospice during this time. There are things that happen that are unexplainable.
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