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Originally Posted by samuse View Post
I don't understand why anyone would want to use a shotgun for anything besides bird hunting or breaching.
I was trained to use the 12 ga. combat shotgun for close quarters shipboard clearing by both USMC and Naval instructors.

The cool kids all want to do CQB with carbines these days, because that is where general infantry practice has moved to—fighting with what you are most familiar with and what you are already carrying—but it doesn't invalidate that the pump action shotgun remains pretty damn devastating in that role and that in specialized environments remains the primary in that role.

When we were clearing boarded ships, the guy with the handgun ran point, backed by shotgunners. Overwatch was done with nearby perimeter guys deploying M-14s and backed by the ship mounted belt feds a few hundred meters away. The helo was the eye in the sky. Point being the guys with handguns weren't relying upon it to clear the ship, but to defend one's self against unpleasant surprises behind doors or hatches.

The idea of using merely a handgun for clearing my own house strikes me as volunteering to be under gunned, even when I get to use JHP's. My wife can handle the comms, I am bringing a bigger hammer than a handgun can provide.

Post service, I have remained a defensive shotgunner for the same reason that the US Navy and the Fleet Marine Force remain shotgun heavy—shotguns are fight enders up close.

I am sure that if I dedicated myself to it, and went through the hassle and expense, I could run a suppressed AR or something like that indoors and be "better off" for it, but just as I don't trust handguns when I want someone DRT, I don't trust the 5.56 out of shorter barrels or out of suppressed barrels to be one COM hit show stoppers like 1500 FPS 00 Buck is.

So, as I like 20" ARs, I find both 20" and 18.5" shotguns to be "handier" than the AR, probably because I now have decades behind them. It doesn't matter.

All handguns suck and I remain unconvinced by the CQB prowess of the AR when only one is in play. What am I supposed to use?
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