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And you believe that? The people you talk to are customer support cubical clowns who read from a computer screen and most have never even fired a weapon. As I stated, the barrels are proof tested but the weaopn is not fired so it is not true that they test fire every weapon. The scratches on your carrier indicate multiple rounds loaded in that weapon. Something could have come up in the QC inspection that resulted in the weapon being fired for testing but that does not explain all the signs in your photo's. Also not cleaning the weapon does not account for the scratches does it.

You were sharp enough to notice something funny with what was susposed to be a factory new in the box weapon but excepted a pure BS response as the cause. I would not even have accepted the weapon on the cosmetic damage alone. And yes, I use my weapons and it will look worse then that after a couple of outings but I am the one doing that to it. If I am paying for new then it is going to be new. I guess I expect more for my money then others do. Guess it is because I have so little of it.
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