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I did a tandem jump at Zephyrhills Airport last year.

We jumped at 15k. The best part is jumping out. The falling sensation quickly abates and you are left with the free fall and acrobats. It was cool I suppose, it was loud, harder to breathe than normal and we fell for some time.

The bad is pulling the canopy. I'm sure they make custom harnesses but this particular get up had my balls in a bind for the next 20 minutes. Reminded me of the first time we ties Swiss seats for rappelling. You only tie them loose once.

The landing sucked bad, the ground wind picked up apparently and I was advised to lift my legs and feet as high as I could and come in ass first. Think of a vegetable and sand enema at 18 knots.

I got my feet up as high as I could but the JM rolled forward a bit and that planted on foot down which we both promptly ran over. I limped off the field and told him not to worry about it. Took about 3 months to heal so wear good boots with ankle support just in case.

Bucket list item? Absolutely go and do it.

For me? I'll dive underwater.

Hope you have a blast
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