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Originally Posted by Raleigh Glocker View Post
This would've been valuable to have on video, for sure. Was it literally a shop vice? How did you clamp the pistol without inducing flex to the frame it wouldn't have when held with hands? Also, did you just reach around and pull the trigger with your finger?

I might try to recreate this test at some point.
It wasn't a 'shop' vice, but it was an actual handgun vice. I can't remember the brand or name, but it was pretty nice. It was by no means scientific, but it worked good. The vice we used would only work for glocks, the way sandwiched the frame made so it was gun specific, we were told not to even try anything else. It had a lever on the back that actuated the trigger, so you didn't have to reach in the trigger guard to fire. The range I used it at doesn't allow phones on premises, and if you've seen my videos there all shot with a cell phone.(I never even recorded us shooting until I wanted to start watching ejection when I had the problem glock) I've been thinking about just getting one for myself, I've seen them pretty cheap, and one could probably be made fairly easily for cheap.
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