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Originally Posted by rockapede View Post
I can believe this for sure just because of my experience cutting out soda. My Google-fu is weak, what is primal/paleo?
Based on your OP and I knew your insulin is really dangerous high. Your high insulin level is the major drive of your weight gain. As you said you have cut back with the soda and you have seen the big result from it. Sugar has no nutrient benefit for your body and it has high # of calories in it. The sugar and carbs drive your insulin level to sky and then you get sick pretty often and feel so cranky, so you had to get coke, mountain drew, coffee with milk and sugar, or chocolates to get you through the day. It keeps spinning downward to the day that you felt you had enough of it. That is where you are right now. I was there and I know it very personally.

Carbs such as wheat, peanuts, white flour, grains, rice; sugar, honey, maple, stevia, anything that taste sweet; and crazy chemicals in the food ingredients cause your insulin to go skyrocket.

You could notice that in every grocery, the foods that sits in the middle section of the store is usually last very long without going bad. It is because of HFCS, grains, and loaded with chemicals which your body couldn’t address it pretty well. The business and Gov’t are making lots of money from those foods and it cause people to obesity and go to see doctor more often. It spins to out of control as the state we are currently at. Why don’t you try to pick up a food product that you really love to eat then look at the ingredients list; I am sure you will find HFCS on 2nd to 4th part of the ingredient list in the order. They put it in the order as to display how much it is contained in the food. The first item is the highest amount that is contained in the food, so on. Grain and HFCS is the America’s silent killer.

I could understand that you need to grab some food pretty quick because you are working as a cop. I could assume that you often went to Subway, Quizosub, McDonalds, Taco Bells, KFC, whatever. I could also assume that you have often brought foods that are found in the middle section of a grocery. You could say, “It is cheap. It last long without going bad and it tastes very good.” Well that is true and that food is killing you. Those foods you found in the middle sections are usually “the foods without a brake”; it means you couldn’t stop eating those foods until you have eaten it all. For example with potato chips or Oreo cookie, I am sure many people said to themselves, “I’ll eat of it and save it for later.” What happened is that they ate it all without realizing that they ate it all or they were too hungry and can’t help it. So they had to buy more junk foods to feed their stomach. The problem is that your stomach knows that those foods aren’t good for you and it need something more nutrient dense such as veggie, fruits, and real meats.

You could lose your weight even faster if you only buy foods that are fresh and raw. I had to recommend you to buy foods that are in the far right side of a grocery, they usually have veggie/fruits, meats, and egg. If you happen to be hungry then try eat some of veggies, meats, and some foods with very high saturated fat foods such as bacons, avocado, eggs, coconut milk/water, fishes, etc and it will satisfy your stomach pretty fast. It isn’t that hard and it is way cheaper if you do the Primal/Paleo lifestyle.

I would recommend you to try this for a week to see if it makes you feel better and more energized.


3 strips of bacons (make sure it doesn’t have HFCS and too much sugar in it).
1 sweet onion (if you are that really hungry)
3 large eggs

Bulletproof Coffee:
Brew Coffee and mix it with unsalted butter in blender machine. Add cinnamon if it isn’t comfortable for you.

Cook the bacons, take bacons out and leave the grease in the pan, cook it with sweet onion till it is tender then add eggs into it.

1 Green Pepper Bell
1 Red Pepper Bell
1 Avocado
6 to 12 oz Tenderloin Pork chops (whatever it suits you)
Or Italian Sausage (you’ll be thristy cuz it is a high sodium food).

Cook tenderloin pork chops, after you are done with the pork then place it on a plate and chop veggies into pieces and eat.


Any kinds of meat and whatever how much it is
1 handful size of veggies
handful of fruits

No sauces with HFCS; sugar is over 10 mg per TBS; and crazy chemicals. Try aviod any kind of dairy and that includes milks, creamers, creams, cheese, etc.

Web info:

For a quick overview of Paleo/Primal could be found on this website: and infograph


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