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Similar situation here. I ventured into Winchesters as a substitute for Federals. Yes, the cups are heavier, and the Q/C is not as good as with Federals. The Winchesters are also not 100% reliable with an OEM striker and #4 spring.

I wanted to see what would be needed to get them up to match reliability without sacrificing my trigger weight. So far (only ~2K rounds fired) they are 100% with a Jager striker and #4 spring. Federals always ignite with the OE striker, because their cups are so thin, but this leads to striker tip damage when the cups rupture. I would never have noticed this had I not been looking at striker tips under magnification for other reasons.

My hope is that the Winchester/Jager combo will ultimately prove to be a better overall setup, but will need to get more Winchesters fired before I have complete faith in them with the light striker spring.

Since starting with the Winchesters, I’ve loaded maybe 5K of them, and have seen 4 or 5 that were too deformed to seat. They also don’t run as smoothly through the Dillon tubes or press as the Federals. But they don’t rupture on striker contact. Overall, I like them so far.
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