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Originally Posted by M24C View Post
Never used TG, but the burn rate is similar to Bullseye which I've used with the 40. Most loads will be light. Meaning they would not emulate Self defense loads. Especially 165 grain to get them around where most of the SD loads velocity would be around 1160 fps. Can't get that with BE or TG. Need a slower powder. The best for the 40 to higher velocities I've used is Longshot, power pistol, Universal, WSF and AA #7. If shooting lead don't smoke like if I shoot BE with lead. The 40 seems to like medium burning rates. I like the WSF, Universal and AA#7 for the lower flash. If I want the highest velocities I would use Longshot. HTH
Thanks! I have some Longshot and Universal from shotshell loading, maybe I will try all three now that I have about 600 empty, cleaned, and polished cases!

Now for boolits....
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