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Baby steps, baby steps and how I decided to stop being a fatty

So, I'm 26 and have been married for five years, been a cop for going on 3. When I got married, I was 6'2/210 with very little body fat and could eat anything I wanted without much/any structured exercise. That changed when I hit 22 or so. As many of you know, I work for a small municipal department with a sworn strength of about 25 guys. My department has absolutely no PT program or standards and we've got a couple of guys over 300 and one probably pushing 325 or so. For the last several years, I've been telling (fooling, really....) myself that while I wasn't as fit as I once was, I was at least maintaining my weight and therefore didn't really need to worry about it. I'm also a caffeine "addict" (recovering at this point) who hates coffee, meaning I put away a ton of Coca Cola.

Fast forward to a August, when I step on the scale at work and see 260 flash before my eyes. I couldn't believe it and was floored that I'd gotten that bad. I cut out all soda immediately and dropped 15 pounds in two months without changing anything else at all. This week I've started actually working out in earnest and while I struggle to finish a 10:00 mile and three sets of ten on the common body weight exercises, I can already feel some improvement. Goal weight is wedding weight. Like I said, baby steps.

I know there've got to be other guys on here who've been in my shoes. Anyone got any tips/tricks/exercises? I know cardio and core exercises are important for LE, but whatchu got?

And no, regardless of the content of this thread, my avatar is NOT me. I'm nowhere near that awesome.
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