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Normally, I would agree that the media already has the script ready to report how Biden won; that's what I expected last week but it didn't happen.

Romney so obviously beat Obama that the media had to admit it, and it took them several days to coordinate any spin at all.

Tonight I expect "young" Rep. Paul Ryan (R, WI) with his 14 years experience in Congress, (plus his prior years as speechwriter and aide to 3 legislators,) to suddenly impress a huge audience with the fact that at almost 43, he's the same age as young millionaire John F. Kennedy was on election day.

Crazy Joe Biden will turn 70 next month, just a little older than Ronald Reagan when he was first elected as our oldest President.

Since history has shown that since JFK, only Obama was elected President without first proving himself as either a Governor or a Vice President, many viewers will be watching the VP debate to see who might be next in line to become President.

I think tonight's debate will benefit Ryan far more than Biden, no matter what the media says or does.

Biden has to defend Obama's miserable failures, Ryan merely has to attack them.

I also predict that Biden will experience a third brain aneurism on stage during the debate, causing his hair plugs to fall out and he'll drop the 'F' bomb and blurt out the 'N' word, but somehow it will be Ryan's fault.
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