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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
If you presented that to me as a new unfired weapon I would not buy it as new. They do not function test these weapons with ammo. Each component is inspected and the barrels are proof tested on a machine. The marks on the carrier are from being loaded and from what little the picture reveals of the barrel the weapon has been fired with ammunition.

That went back and some minor issue was repaired and it went back out. That is my professional assesment from the pictures you have posted. Not your dealers issue but Davisons should have known. They have a life time warranty on all guns which is why their prices are higher then other distributors. They will replace it, just hope not with another return.
Thanks for the informative response!! One bit of information I left out.. when he received them, he gave me 3 serial numbers to choose from. Pretty much in consecutive order.


So, the return theory doesn't hold up. He had sold the other 2 over the weekend and shipped out before I came to pick up mine. My only conclusion is either someone at Davidson or my FFL took it out to see what "all the fuss" is about?? If so, great, I don't care. Sure, not the "right" thing to do on their part.. but I plan on putting thousands of rounds between range time, training and 3gun events.
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