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Originally Posted by Reconinforce View Post
Anybody who has attended the 4 day defensive handgun training Front Sight school in NV please chime in.

Assuming fundamentals are in place and I am well practiced with my weapon will a G19 be at a big disadvantage compared to the other firearms brought to the class?

I am hoping to attain a distinguished graduate level but am wondering if I should try and work out bringing a larger frame glock instead.. (of course I would be equally practiced with a different model if I changed over..)

Let me know what you think. I know they shoot out to 15 yards at times but not sure how the detailed the accuracy gets in the scoring.

I understand your thought process behind considering a longer sight radius. I saw people using g34 and some using sub compacts. Don't get hung up on the DG. It's all about getting your hits on target, the time constraints should not be an issue especially if its your second time thought the course. You have been dry practicing right? Good luck!

When are you going?

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