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I wanted a P2000 in 9mm with the LEM trigger in the worst way. I loved the way they felt in my hand, like it was made just for me. Found a pre-owned one at my LGS, and since it was pre-owned I asked to take it downstairs to their range to shoot it before I bought it. Turned out I shot the G26 I had with me far better so I passed on it.

I like the Glock trigger more than the LEM trigger. My buddy that was with me tried the P2000sk they had in the same configuration. I let him shoot my 26 as well. He'd never shot any Glock before and had the exact same results. He ended up buying a 26 on the way out of the store, and couldn't believe how much less money he spent.

I'm sorry, but it's really hard to beat a Glock.

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