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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post

I will support you in any future decisions. Would be tough, but,
I would, most likely, only agree to one round myself.

As for the traveling, gotta let me know if you are headed through.
Kansas is on the way if you are driving.......

I think a lot of that decision would be based on how well you tolerated the chemo. Most people tolerate is better than me. My oncologist has commented more than once about hos bad it's affecting me, and has sent me to neurologists, etc, because some of my symptoms are so debilitating. She's also said that she's sure getting shot almost 4 years ago hasn't helped matters at all, because of all the effects that's had on me. Constant pain, severe insomnia, nightmares, trouble breathing, etc, all just make things worse.

Fraid driving is out of the question, especially a long drive like that. Because of my chest, I can only drive short distances, and the effects of the chemo are keeping me from being able to drive at all. That whole trip will be airplanes and taxi's for around towns. Tentative plans are for 3 stops, Mobile, Knoxville and surrounding area, and Phoenix. The flying part is going to hurt like all hell, but I need to be able to get out and just do something fun. Even if that fun is just drinking beer with GT'ers in 2 of those places and laying beside a hotel pool. And a tour of a few little mountains....


BTW, I never agreed to even one round, if you catch my drift.....
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