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I have yet to see one officer talk about if an action is moral, only that it is "legal" (by their own view of the world).
That is probably because you lack the ability to actually define immoral by any objective relevant standard. Like many your views of "moral" and "immoral" is defined by your personal likes or dislikes.

I am not that old, but I suspect that there are people on GT who remember not so long ago in the USA when black people had to ride in the back of the bus. Then along came a black woman named Rosa Parks who refused to move.
Oh gee, one of the reoccurring favorites of the "Gun Rights crowd". those that lack the intelligence to see there is absolutely no correlation between the civil rights movement and their "gun rights" desires.

To Start with blacks were denied rights due to their race/color. The discriminatory laws applied to just them not others. This is not the case with Gun Laws which apply to everyone regardless of race, religion, or sex.

My opinion is one that cannot separate legal and moral, is simply an order away from being a KZ guard.
And you have demonstrated time and time again that your opinions are based on noting more than your own bias in your little anti cop crusade.
“Right is still right, even if nobody is doing it. And wrong is still wrong, even if everybody is doing it.”—Texas Ranger saying.

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