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Originally Posted by bmoore View Post
Here is a link to some guys that don't have to worry about getting their pension. As a suit and tie warrior, look how much savings you got as a tax payer. Was it another gnarly day on your cell phone and computer all day?
Please dont worry. I never intended nor believed that your type would understand the obtuse reference that I was making based upon the post(s) that I commented on.

The post I commented on was making a reference to laws that have been passed that are immoral and not within the values system of the USA.

Here where the two posts:

Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
And we all share the blame for allowing the states to assume the power to take such rights from us.
Originally Posted by JuneyBooney View Post
I agree. Free Speech is almost gone too.
But trust me, I understand for some people it is all about following orders and not thinking for themselves if something is morally right or wrong, only what is written on a piece of paper and claiming it legal. Many things throughout history have been legal under the laws of a country that is in power at the time, but that does not make them moral nor absolve someone of culpability of immoral actions.

I am not that old, but I suspect that there are people on GT who remember not so long ago in the USA when black people had to ride in the back of the bus. Then along came a black woman named Rosa Parks who refused to move. Soon after, on March 7, 1965 there was Bloody Sunday. Although the acts were “legal” I seriously doubt many would say that they were moral.

Let me ask you, was what happened on Bloody Sunday (March 7, 1965) moral then? Is it moral now? Was is it at time legal?

My comment, as directed to this post is although the OP may have been arrested / charge with something that is "illegal", is moral? If you cannot respond that it is moral (based upon the values we hold as Americans) then the only answer that one can come up with is that at least the person enforcing something immoral got to go home and gets a pension because that is what I have seen on GT they most worry about.

I have yet to see one officer talk about if an action is moral, only that it is "legal" (by their own view of the world).

My opinion is one that cannot separate legal and moral, is simply an order away from being a KZ guard.

Now, in reality, I suspect that most of the blow hards do have some sense of the difference between legal/moral in real life but dont want to admit it. If you dont and simply follow what is legal (orders), then my judgement of you being merely an order away from KZ guard stands.
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