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I own both. I prefer a 19 for carry due to the grip not printing as much. That might be easily corrected with the correct holster but currently I don't have one (it's in transit) so I can't say definitely. The increased sight radius is nicer on a 17. In a perfect world I'd have a G17 upper on a G19 lower. I think that would be the right combo. One of my guns is getting modded right now to kinda be that gun. It's a G17 with a grip reduction to allow G19 magazines. The sight radius I like with the option to use more magazine choices. If your range has both in the range box shoot about 100 thru each (or more). When I was buying a new one with my GSSF coupon I did that. I consistently shot the G19 better. I frequently carry a Commander sized 1911 so that might have something to do with it.
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