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Originally Posted by deadmanglocking View Post
At one of my former jobs I was the executive chef at a new place and my average schedule was 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. This put me in the kitchen for long periods of time when no one else was there doing prep etc.. One night I was in the back hallway (alone, doors locked and alarm set) getting some spices from a rack and I felt something very distinctly touch my left shoulder. I spun around and saw nothing but went ahead and walked back into the kitchen and then walked into the dining area and bathrooms, checked doors and alarm. Kinda unsettled me a little but no big deal and I just chalked it up as nothing. Fast forward a few days and strange stuff started to happen, lights on when I knew they were turned off, cooler door slightly open, things on the wall would fall without any reason. So at this point whenever I'm alone I start getting these weird feelings of dread and fear near the back hall and the kitchen. I finally sat down with the owners and said "I know this is going to sound crazy but.." before I finished the sentence they both said "We know, we have a ghost". We started sharing stories and similar things had been happening to them also. The alarm system had started to trip the motion sensors in the back hallway at 3:14 am everyday and had happened so much it would fill up the hard drive. When we would watch the footage all you ever saw was some sort of smudge in the corner of the camera and then it was gone in the next frame. We did some digging and found out that the building was a Cuban grocery in the 80's and the guy had a check cashing place in it also. He was in the process of adding a kitchen when someone crawled down a unfinished vent shaft and murdered him in the area where the back hallway is now.The owners called a "medium" to come and cleanse the place and she said he was angry with me because he saw me as a threat to his authority since it was still his place. She also said she could detect a female in the building and after talking to a retired homicide detective who was a customer we found out that a Chinese lady was also murdered in the building in the 70's. I never believed in ghost but I never worked alone in that kitchen again. Even when one of the owners was there things continued to happen that we both witnessed together so I know it wasn't just my mind!
That's creepy as hell!! Especially the 3:14am part, supposedly 3am is supposed to be the demonic witching hour when ghosts and demons are most active.
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