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Mushroomed Firing Pin

Took my handguns out to the range today for some fun. The Sig and the Glock ran without a single problem like always. The Delta Elite on the other hand had a pretty major problem. First pull of the trigger I got click instead of bang. First instinct was rack the slide because I forgot to chamber a round but a live round ejected when I did. Tried the second round with same result. Stripped the pistol apart to see what was going on and noticed the firing pin wasn't returning all the way back to where the hammer could strike it.

Came home and after researching how to disassemble the slide I discovered that the head of firing pin is mushroomed to the point it wouldn't move in the firing pin stop. Is this a common problem? Would dry firing have caused this?

I filed the head of the firing pin down to where it moves like it should and I will be ordering a replacement firing pin. I am just curious if this is something that I could have avoided.

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