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Little late getting in on the discussion, but here is what I teach in vehicle contacts at both the academy and in-service level:

-Proper vehicle spacing (at least 15 feet)
-headlights on brights (no wig-wags)
-takedowns on
-spotlight on the outside driver side mirror (in most cases)
-Dim light bar (if possible)

Then PASSENGER SIDE APPROACH (if possible). The passenger side approach has a number of benefits, the biggest three being (IMHO):
-You are not exposed to traffic
-Gives you the element of surprise (most people dont expect you to do passenger side approach and many times you have to tap on the window to get their attention to the passenger side)
-Gives you much better vision into more of the passenger compartment

Also just a good habit to get into for vehicles with tinted windows, is to ask the driver to turn on dome light for duration of traffic stop. At night, this basically makes tinted windows hard to see out of from the inside. If somebody is not willing to turn on the dome light or leave it on....they are a good candidate to have exit the vehicle. I think its more than reasonable to have an officer safety concern if you explain to them for your safety during the stop to leave the light on, and they bawk.....there is a reason for it which you better look into.
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