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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
J word? Heck no. You are being most helpful and I appreciate it.

I've found over the years that GT has a high level of expertise in any area. Wanna know about sewing, I bet there are some people on GT who know all about it.

Ok, just how fragile are stainless steel barrels? Aren't some higher priced bolt all-weather hunting rifles made with them?

Also, why is stainless more accurate. Last time I shot benchrest competitions (20 years ago) I never noticed anyone using stainless. Of course, nobody was using AR's either
I must be clear, I am a fan of stainless-barreled ARs. But, I am not a benchrest shooter, and I will probably never shoot out a chrome-lined barrel or a stainless barrel. I am also not ex-military or tactically-knowledged. I shoot almost exclusively for fun.

Chrome lining is made by lining a barrel that is made slightly larger and the chrome fills in the extra space. While it may be a good process it is going to produce imperfections. The stainless barrels are made to spec. Some manufacturers (FN and Noveske, IIRC) use a double-thickness chrome lining. I have read many times that a Noveske chrome-lined barrel is very accurate, but I have never had experience with one.

Chrome moly barrels should be very accurate too. You could get a chrome moly barrel melonited for added durability and maintain accuracy. It seems to work for Glocks, but it is relatively new for AR15s, IIRC. I have no knowledge of how melonited barrels are holding up over the long term.

Stainless just seems to be the material used by the best barrel makers for AR15s, accuracy-wise. The military uses stainless for the 18" SPRs.

I have read of some stainless barrels showing impressive durability through torture testing. But the chrome-lined barrels are made specifically to provide added durability.

To provide any additional information about this topic would be unfair, this is the extent of my knowledge, I am a hobbyist, not an expert.

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