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This argument has turned into a petty waste of time so Ill be done after this one point.

Originally Posted by Snowman92D View Post
Ooooops! Your nose is growing again. I mentioned Islam in response to your rant a couple pages ago:
I was referring to the identity politics aspect. "He's not like us Christians so he's gotta go!" That has nothing to do with your rant about the danger of invisible sky men.

You, on the other hand, have proven that you don't care about actual policy by reinforcing that you are only concerned with candidate's religion. White sorta-Christian = good. Black don't-know-but-assume-Muslim = bad.

This country is f'ed.

And you never did define what exactly "drug-related crime" is.

Now where did I put that bong? Ah here it is. Ill toke one in honor of all the dogs you've shot.
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