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Originally Posted by 20South View Post
Im not sure Joe. For me personally Ive got a new baby coming and a new business that's been growing slowly. The guns I am selling is just a quicker path to capital for me. If I get to my number and no guns have sold, they wont be. However, I have no plans to buy any new 1911's - that includes the Pro...
If I hadn't been buying so many damn 1911's lately, I'd be picking up a couple of yours and have an even more awesome Guncrafter collection, with several consecutive serial numbered guns. We have the first two round butt GC NN Commanders. Ever. 2 of the first 3 SS NN's. Ever. And we haven't checked for consecutive SN's, but 2 of the first 10 NN CCO's. Ever. And the cool part is, that the Commanders are Melonite and Hardchrome. Stainless NN's are brushed and polished slides. And NN CCO's are Melonite and HC.

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