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Originally Posted by avenues165 View Post
I really wasn't trying to be a jerk.

I personally feel weird about telling someone they'll be GTG with something when there is debate about it. I think you'll be fine with a 1:7 twist, and experience tells me you'll be fine. A 1:7 will let you shoot the heavier bullets for longer range.

It's a trade off, chrome lined is more durable, stainless steel is more accurate. If you are OK with around 2 MOA a chrome-lined is fine. If you want better, stainless will get you there.

For $1,682.00 you can get a Larue Tactical PredatAR in 16" or 18". A light weight rifle that will get you great accuracy. It has a 1:8 twist stainless barrel with a Geissele 2 stage trigger. They are really cool rifles!
J word? Heck no. You are being most helpful and I appreciate it.

I've found over the years that GT has a high level of expertise in any area. Wanna know about sewing, I bet there are some people on GT who know all about it.

Ok, just how fragile are stainless steel barrels? Aren't some higher priced bolt all-weather hunting rifles made with them?

Also, why is stainless more accurate. Last time I shot benchrest competitions (20 years ago) I never noticed anyone using stainless. Of course, nobody was using AR's either

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