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Originally Posted by fowl intent View Post
So Being a good ole NC boy, he took his handgun along with him. Well, he got stopped for speeding, and I'm not sure how or why this came up, but he volunteered that he had a handgun in the car. Turns out that it is a felony to carry a loaded handgun in Ohio, or at least that is what his hunting buddy relayed to me. Unfortunately he will have to spend the weekend in jail because he has to appear before a judge to have a bond set. This guy is in his 50's and has never seen the inside of a jail before this incident.

This started me thinking how careful you have to be when you travel from one state to another.
Sadly, a lesson to be learned. If it's not asked about, don't volunteer the info. Chances are the officer would not have guessed or asked about it unless it was a major speeding or reckless driving etc. Present your papers and keep your mouth shut. There was no reason to think (from your post) that he would have been given the third degree by the officer in question TILL he had to spill the beans.

He had the right to carry his pistol with him as long as he didn't violate the law. IE check rules and regs of states FIRST before trusting the kindness of strangers wearing badges. Follow said rules and regs to the letter or don't bring a pistol or long gun. EVEN HERE IN FLA.

There's a reason I live in the "Gunshine State" of Fla. that has generous reciprosity with almost all the states that are not People's Republics. IE. New York, New Jersey, etc.

Sad to hear about this, and this is isn't a beratement of your friend. Hope they don't cause him any more grief and I'll bet he won't be back to the "Buckeye State" or spend any money there any time soon. I wouldn't for sure!

With prayers for his timely release with the lowest price possible I remain...

Yours in The Cause,
Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!
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