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Originally Posted by Eric2340 View Post
$1000.00 ??? Wow, hey OP I've got quite a few "toys" that have lost their luster here, LMK next time you need a new one, I could use the $$$.
Depends on your "toys".

I've looked into used ones, and people who think their gun is worth 75-80% of what they bought it new for after shooting thousands of rounds through them are on crack. None of my firearms are safe queens, all of them get shot frequently, but only 2-3 of them actually are used as tools. (if that makes any sense)

I actualy don't mind spending the extra $150-$200 for a new out of the box firearm, as to someones 30 year old, 4,000 rounds fired, beat blued finish revolver, just because it doesn't have a lock.

You guys can keep the "collectors items", and I hae no problem with people who do "collect". But all I want to do is shoot.

Psst... Want to buy a Taurus Raging Bee?
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