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Originally Posted by skip4309 View Post
Well...thanks for the info...the extended slide stop had been ordered and shipped prior to my first post...if it doesn't work out will go back with original...I guess I'm just used to my main concern is all the (reported) problems associated with the Gen 4 product line. I plan on using my G26 for a CCW and just want to make (absolutely) sure its ready when and if I need far I'm very impressed with my first and only Glock and all the bad press has me concerned about its reliability. Tks for all the replies.
Don't let what you read on the forums worry you, odds are excellent you'll receive a new Gen4 that will function precisely the way it is intended to.

Should you be among the very small percentage of unfortunate folks that have mechanical issues, problems will likely appear within the first few hundred rounds.

Glock does stand by their products, I have seen examples of customer service beyond what I would expect from other brands/companies.

If it's any consolation, my first run Gen4 G26 has been flawless, and I have a good 2K through it thus far.

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