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Felt a "hand" on my shoulder once (same house above). Had two light switches turned off in two seperate rooms at the same instant (childhood home in Pa.) Felt fingers in my hair, (old courthouse Jacksonville Fla.) perported to be haunted by locals. I was alone in the records room to be exact.
I and former wife (now deseased) heard the door to my upstairs bedroom rattle as if someone was pulling on the door knob from the stairway side of the door. Three "Lugggg! Lugggg! Lugggg!" sounds as the door shook in its frame. I opened the door and pulled the knob from the stairway side. Made the exact same sound. She was too spooked to be alone the rest of that evening. We were still dating then and it scared her. BADLY.
Current wife heard a key in the front door (storm door was locked, no access to inside door) when the key was heard being pushed into the lock and the deadbolt being turned. She was badly frightened because I wasn't due home for hours yet, and the storm door lock wasn't disturbed. All in the house I lived in for 13 years.

Yeah, I'm just making all this up....Believe that if you wish. I, and they, were there when it happened. I don't doubt people now when they hear voices and see or hear strange things they can't explain. I belong to the same "club" as it were. I don't have any trouble believing most of them. I have similar stories to tell of my own.

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