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Originally Posted by mike from philly View Post
The bounce explains the inconsistent ejection pattern since movement of the shooter differs between shots. Sometimes they are holding firm other times they are moving. Each of those movements affects when and where the case bounces.

I'd bet that if you put the pistol in a vice, it would eject perfectly because the pistol is static (that may GLOCK's method of testing by the way). Use the pistol in an dynamic way, and you'll end up with odd bounces.
Tried it. Used an indoor ranges vice, still ejected erratically and threw some literally at 6:00.
This was before I started to do a lot of testing when I first got the problem gun so we were all using the vice just messing around, my intent was not to test ejection, however, I still noticed the horrible ejection.
Mine seemed to be completely and utterly random.
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