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Never "saw" anything resembling a ghost, but I lived in a house for 13 years that was haunted. I heard strange "household" sounds from time to time. IE. A drawer being pulled open-complete with drawer handles tapping- though all my drawers were of the knob variety. Plastic bottles being pushed over. My tiny bathroom linen closet door slamming HARD-I never kept it open- and it was closed that night too. A hard THUMP on my headboard as I lay in bed one evening. The distinct sound of a large glass container smashing to bits on my hardwood floor above my head -I was in the basement below. Upstairs nothing amiss though I distinctly heard the loud crash and glass fragments skidding over the hardwood floor. The sound of a large bookcase falling over, complete with books and papers falling onto the floor, and a crash that felt like it shook the house. Again, nothing amiss in the room where the sound came from...

Just a few experiences in that house. Maybe I will include a few more experiences time permitting.

This stuff has been reported by the ancient Romans and other ancient cultures, but no...there is no such thing as ghosts etc. I was there and know others personally who have seen and heard unexplained things. I believe. Been there and done it.

Oh yes...once I was looking at one of my displays of relics from Lincoln's War. It was setting on my mantle leaning back against the fireplace stones behind it, when it flipped forward like someone had pushed it, and smashed on my hearthstones below. I saw it happen.

Deo Vindice!
Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!

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