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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
I have to sit at a bench and steady the gun with sandbags to notice diffences in ammo.

You might be better than me, but I just wanted to give the opinion that for the average handgun shooter, especially after only a few shots, ammo differences don't likely explain variations in group size.

However, point of aim changes can more easily be detected.

Certainly, good bullseye shooters can tell differences in group size, but they are shooting real small groups to begin with. They would still usually go to the bench to confirm their suspicions
good call, ill grab some different loads and shoot off a bench.

as i said, i dont think im a great shot, but i shoot with guys who can easily put 5 rounds in a row touching at 15 yards.
i can actually shoot my friends cz shadow much better than i can shoot my sig p226 and glock 17, i shot the cz @ 100 yards and hit our gong (pie plate) 2/10...i thought that was alright for a first time trying at 100. sitting at a bench no pistol rest.
ive probably done 6000 rounds of just 9mm in the last 6 months, and probably 3000 .45acp (that stuff costs too much lol)
i havent been shooting long, but i think ive shot a lot.
practice as much as i can, im going into a zombie shoot on the 28th just for fun (charity event)

Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
Those are 1000fps, subsonic loads - and fairly expensive.
Generally true for SD, but for the OP's trial, FMJ aren't expanding anyway.
quick google search says:
american eagle 147 fmj - 953 fps at 50 yards
remington umc 115g fmj - Velocity at 50 yards: 1048 fps

are you saying that those american eagle rounds are fast or slow?
should i be looking at something with a higher fps?
im open to suggestions.

and the american eagle is only about $2/50box more here over the its not significant.

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