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Originally Posted by Eaz8 View Post
My range is set up for 15/20/25/30/35 and I think 40.
@ 15 I've done a couple 1" groups of 3 shots, but its rare. I would say 3" average with a few really crappy ones and a few with 2 in a row touching.
Not claiming to be a great shot..but I'm not horrible.

I'm going to pick up a few different types of ammo and try it.
I've fired some .45's handloads in my p220 and different factory loads and you really notice a diference when you mix the mag up with half factory loads and half handloads.

The glock Is firing everything I put in it..I'm just wondering if there is some ammo it likes better than others.
I have to sit at a bench and steady the gun with sandbags to notice differences in ammo.

You might be better than me, but I just wanted to give the opinion that for the average handgun shooter, especially after only a few shots, ammo differences don't likely explain variations in group size.

However, point of aim changes can more easily be detected.

Certainly, good bullseye shooters can tell differences in group size, but they are shooting real small groups to begin with. They would still usually go to the bench to confirm their suspicions

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