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Originally Posted by diamondd2 View Post
So where are all the range reports for the new Apex extractor?
Here is mine:

G19 FDE Gen3, build Apr 2012, 336 ejector & dipped MIM extractor
1st 450 rds - 12-15 brass-to-face, 1 stovepipe & erratic weak ejection in 360 degree arc.

I switched to the 30274 ejector & Lone Wolf extractor. I fired 300 rds more rds. There was an improvement, but not ”Perfection.” No Brass-to-face, no stovepipes, 95% of the ejection 3-5 o’clock, slightly stronger ejection (2-3ft away instead of at my feet). However, I had 5 landed on top of my head & several on my right arm.

Last weekend, I tried the Apex extractor & spring along with the 30274 ejector. I fired 250 rds. I had no BTF & no malfunctions. Ejection was 4-5 o'clock landing 3-5 ft away. I had one case graze my right shoulder.

I have several other Glocks including a G19 Gen2 & a 2005 G19 Gen3. None have the problem with BTF using same ammo & shooter (me).
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