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Originally Posted by DARKSHADOW View Post
This is going to be a range toy, so paper mostly. And probably won't be shot more than fifty yard's.

This will not be for carry.
Yeah, buy a used one and let someone else take all the "new car price" on it. :(

I had the same problem and did just this a few years ago. It was "just for a toy", never really shot it much, showed it off more than anything else, it quickly lost it's appeal. :( Not to mention feeding it was a fortune (note: I do not reload, so YES I do understand you can reload for the beast to cut costs).

In the end I sold it to a friend who "had to have it!!" too, and more than I did any longer. He's having fun w/ it now last time I check, and I got a new G21SF out of it in the end.

Buy used, have fun with it, but I'll bet in the end you don't keep if it's "just a toy", w/ no real use (hunting).

They're kind of like getting married, everyone ought to do it once to get it out of their system.
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